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YACOUB, MITCHUM <BR><I> CUMBIA DIVINA [Translucent Red Vinyl] 7"</I><br><br>

CUMBIA DIVINA [Translucent Red Vinyl] 7"

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Limited Edition 7" pressed on Translucent Red Vinyl

Cumbia and dub fans unite! Mitchum Yacoub’s first single has arrived as the classic sound of cumbia laced with psychedelic dub textures. The bass and drums hit heavy on this one, pushing a vibrant four-piece horn section and enough percussion to keep the dance floor moving. This song features the soulful vocals of Divina Jasso, who first heard the instrumental track as housemate and friend of Mitchum. Her voice fit the song so well, it was clear that the music needed to be rearranged for her. We think you’ll dig the result. Drop the needle, get on up, and find out why we here at All-Town couldn’t be more proud to share our first release—Cumbia Divina!Turn the record over and the rhythm continues with Bansuri— an instrumental tune named after the unique, air-bending flute of Indian origin. Full of lush harmonies in a unique soundscape, this song plays as a winding river blooming with the sounds of cumbia and afrobeat.

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