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ALL OF IT WAS MINE (10th Anniversary) [Bone Color Vinyl] LP

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10th Anniversary Reissue pressed on Bone color vinyl

Originally released August 16, 2011, here is the 10th anniversary edition on limited edition (to 1500) bone color vinyl. The 10th anniversary edition comes with updated art and new liner notes from Tamara Lindeman, reflecting on the ten years since "All Of It Was Mine" was released.

"Somehow, it’s been ten years since I made All Of It Was Mine. It’s strange that it’s been ten years, and yet, when I listen to it, it feels like more. My voice is unfamiliar to me; so high and innocent sounding. I sound so young, barely removed from the soprano voiced choir kid I once was. But yet, this record, small and slight as it is, feels like the foundation of so many things that I learned, ten years ago. Things that protected me, kept me on course. Lessons so pivotal that I can’t imagine my life had I not learned them.

In the context of this world and my one recording experience, I didn’t know what to make of the collection of small, wordy songs I had written on banjo and classical guitar.

The story of All Of It Was Mine is not all lightness for me. It was a breakup record, though I didn’t know that at the time I wrote the songs. But the day we finished it, Dan (Romano) turned to me, and casually asked me; “so, are these songs - true?” - TL

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