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Limited Edition 180G Red Vinyl LP

This is the sound of Sweet Crisis. Formed in Cambridge in 2015, they have drawn from years of shared experience and a well of hundreds of songs to create the debut album Tricks On My Mind. Sweet Crisis seek to balance all their inclinations and influences - like Free or Lenny Kravtiz, nothing is off the table if music sounds right. The key influences for Sweet Crisis are wide-ranging, from the classic rock and soul music of the ’70s – The Rolling Stones, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Donny Hathaway, Humble Pie – to The Verve and Massive Attack, The Black Keys and Jack White. The iconic 70s sound combined with modern pioneers shape and inform this modern rock band’s sound. And with this wide-ranging DNA incorporating just the right amount of funk, soul and pop along the way, their album celebrates both modern and classic vibes. The ten tracks on Tricks On My Mind were recorded and mixed at Headline Music Studios.

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