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Limited Edition "Blood" Red Vinyl LP

Helping to spearhead a revival of neo-psychedelic pop, California's Sugar Candy Mountain emerged in the early 2010s fusing sunny, retro sounds with lush, sophisticated composition. Ranging from lo-fi experimentation to vibrant Tropicália, early releases like 2013's Mystic Hits soon gave way to a brighter, synth-driven brand of psych-pop on 2018's Do Right. Sugar Candy Mountain's evolution continued with their eclectic fifth album, Impression, in 2021.

The band initially began in 2010 as the recording project of Oakland-based musician Will Halsey. From early on, his partnership with collaborator Ash Reiter yielded a unique sound blending classic '60s West Coast psychedelia with pastoral folk and pulling inspiration from pop experimentalists like Brazil's Os Mutantes, the Flaming Lips, and Brian Wilson. The band's self-titled 2011 debut drew largely from Halsey's early, more lo-fi recordings. By the time of 2013's Mystic Hits, Sugar Candy Mountain had evolved into a fully fledged live group with Halsey and Reiter at the helm. The album also expanded on their Brazilian influences and was partially recorded in São Paulo.

Reissued for it's 10th Anniversary, Mystic Hits returns to vinyl under their newly minted home record label, Sugar Candy Mountain Records.

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