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These recordings were made by SQÜRL to provide the score to the documentary film LIVING THE LIGHT by Claire Pijman. The subject of Claire's film is Robby Müller, the unparalleled Dutch cinematographer and poet of light whose work includes: PARIS TEXAS, DEAD MAN, BREAKING THE WAVES, BARFLY, 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE and at least 70 other remarkable films. He also produced many still photographs, like these luminous Polaroids on the jacket of this vinyl recording.
As SQÜRL approached creating music for Claire’s film, we attempted to be guided by the beautiful and illuminated elements of Robby’s spirit. We tried to channel his love of the special light during “magic hour,” his love of moving images – from trains and cars, the sadness of certain architecture, or the vibrant energy that can be felt emanating from all living things.
Just before recording, SQÜRL borrowed an unusual vintage Japanese electric guitar from the wonderful Brooklyn–based Dutch luthier, Flip Scipio. We used it for all the guitar parts, its tonal qualities also somehow channeling the spirit of Robby. Robby liked formal purity and focus but he also embraced imperfection, accidents and experimentation. He was well aware that contradictions can and should become strengths.

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