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BODY OF WORK: 1990-1995 ALL THE SONGS [Red & Black Marbled Vinyl] 2LP

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Limited Edition Red and Black Marbled color vinyl

They were one of those bands that were a prequel to what the future was becoming. Feminism, human rights, animal rights, environmental protection, gender issues... Spitboy was singing about these issues 30 f***ing years ago. I'm so grateful to have witnessed it." -Billie Joe Armstrong

"Spitboy are one of the most important punk bands to have ever existed. To me, an angry 20-year-old in London, discovering them felt like the first time I truly identified with a band's politics and agenda. One of my all-time favourite albums (then and now) was Penis Envy by Crass. No lyrics had ever touched me the way this album had-until Spitboy entered my life. My people. My radical feminists. My punk scene. Where I have lived and belonged for over 30 years." -Vique Simba.

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