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5 SONGS [Black Vinyl] EP

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Inspiration can come at you fast, even after years gardening in the countryside.

Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot is as original DFA as they come: a dyed in the wool Dublin rave kid turned adopted New Yorker, the former co-owner of early DFA watering hole Plant Bar, and one of the guys who showed the uptight indie contingent how to neck an E, love techno and lose their marbles on a dance floor.

But after three albums, countless twelves, and DJ gigs around the world, where do you go? If you're Marcus, you go gardening, retreating to a quiet life in the German countryside, occasionally DJing for your friends in LCD Soundsystem when they invite you to open a week's worth of shows, and working on music when you can. Y'know, life stuff.

So, it took awhile, but eventually new songs landed on the proverbial desk at DFA HQ. There were rough and tough. The Robot had returned and he was going straight for the chugular.

After all that, finishing the record was like lightning in a bottle. A few days fleshing things out with Al Doyle (of Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem) in London. Vocals added from Suzi Horn (of Prinzhorn Dance School on the leadoff) and Warmduscher's Mutado Pintado. A razor-sharp mix of the whole thing from James Murphy at DFA in Brooklyn.

Five tightly wound, unfussy, completely diabolical dance tracks. The gardener shall have his revenge.

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