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MICHAEL RAULT [Indie Exclusive Blue Galaxy Vinyl] LP

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Limited Indie Exclusive Blue Galaxy Vinyl

Michael Rault's third full length, and second for Daptone Records rock subsidiary Wick Records, began to take shape during a time of endings. Rault was at the tail end of his 20s, had just ended a romantic relationship and cut ties with a previous manager as well as his then touring band. After being on the road to promote his previous release, 2018's A New Day Tonight, Michael returned to his home in Montreal and a van that was already buried in six feet of snow, to begin writing on what would become his new self-titled album Michael Rault - there in his bedroom studio over a span of about five months. This new self-titled body of work is proof of just how crucial that time of endings really was for Michael, it resulted in a beautiful and timeless collection of songs that are a continuation of his increasingly deep exploration of the worlds of progressive pop, psych folk, yacht rock and "too slow to disco" drug fueled dance floor slow steppers.

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