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RADIOHEAD <BR><I> KID A (Reissue) 2LP</I>

KID A (Reissue) 2LP

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With the near impossible task of following up their critically acclaimed masterpiece OK Computer, Radiohead took another bold leap at the turn of the millennium with Kid A, an experimental album built largely around the union of electronica and mood. Musically, Kid A is as accomplished as anything Radiohead has ever produced and it's overflowing with eye-opening musical mosaics which are absolutely stunning in their insight and beauty. Kid A initially proved to be controversial as critics labeled the mixture of electronic beats, jazz horns and strings as "difficult" but tracks like the soaring "Optimistic" kept fans loyal and saw Radiohead crowned as masters of composition. A left-field hit, Kid A was eventually nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year and won for Best Alternative Album.

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