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Mae Powell fills her music with loving optimism about the way the world guides its denizens. The Bay Area singer/songwriter’s debut album, Both Ways Brighter evinces a vibrant collaborative spirit, from its playful instrumentation to lyrics about caretaking and camaraderie even in hostile environments.

Openness is a guiding theme throughout the album, which offers plentiful reminders that people are best connected when they find ways to stay soft. Powell acknowledges it's not always easy. There’s plenty that stands in the way of true, honest communication, but there’s also plenty we can do to take those obstacles apart piece by piece.

With Both Ways Brighter, Powell sets a keen eye on the ways people are able to find each other even when our environments tend to foster our alienation. "It's about always coming back to love and always being thankful, telling your friends you love them, even if it's scary and feels weird coming out of your mouth," says Powell. In their gentle, communal spirit, these songs offer respite, proving that we don't have to go through it all alone.

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