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FRANCES THE MUTE [Glow In The Dark Vinyl] 3LP

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Limited Edition repressing from Could Hill Records. Triple LP pressed on Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl

Frances The Mute is the band’s second album. It was no De-Loused Part Two. For one thing, the band’s configuration had changed, in the most painful way. Shortly before the release of De-Loused, sound manipulator and founder member Jeremy Michael Ward passed away, a wound Omar says the group never recovered from.

Some of the tracks pre-dated De-Loused, having their origins in early demos Omar recorded at the duo’s Long Beach home Anikulapo, songs such as "The Widow" and "Miranda The Ghost Just Isn’t Holy Anymore." Cedric had heard these jams in their embryonic state and began working in his mind on what he could bring to them.

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