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LOWE, NICK <BR><I> LABOUR OF LUST (Reissue) [Pink Vinyl] LP</I>

LABOUR OF LUST (Reissue) [Pink Vinyl] LP

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Limited Pink Vinyl Reissue

Originally released in 1979 and long-out-of-print, Nick Lowe's Labour of Lust album has been remastered to its original glory and now includes both the U.K.-only track "Endless Grey Ribbon" and the U.S.-only track "American Squirm," along with the bonus B-Side "Basing Street." Hailed by Trouser Press as "a brilliant piss-taker that pairs sprightly pop and savage lyrical wit" and by Rolling Stone as "...a hookfest full of barbed wit," the album features Nick's worldwide mega-hit "Cruel to Be Kind" and is being released on pink vinyl for a limited time!

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