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LOCAL NATIVES <br><I> Music From The Pen Gala 1983 (RSD) [Cassette]</I>

Music From The Pen Gala 1983 (RSD) [Cassette]

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Local Natives go back in time, playing a cover band on Apple Original Series The Shrink Next Door. The band’s signature harmonies are tailor-made for the soaring pop of the 1980’s in the series starring Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell. 

In character, the band performs three ’80s covers at the Pen Gala, an event in which Ike (played by Paul Rudd) is using Marty's (played by Will Ferrell) money to buy expensive auction items for charity. The band also appear as extras in a bidding scene during which they watch the two comedy legends improv their lines back and forth. 

Local Natives have released the four cover songs they recorded for the series as an EP, named for the location of the scenes they filmed with Rudd and Ferrell. Music From The Pen Gala 1983 is out now featuring covers of Roxy Music, Gerry Rafferty, Michael McDonald and 10cc comes on a special, limited edition run of  Music From The Pen Gala 1983 cassettes for sale exclusively during RSD Black Friday on November 26th.

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