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I AM THE PROPHET [Limited Color Vinyl] LP

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Limited Edition (to 500) “Red Wine Spill" on Clear Vinyl design

There's a paradoxically perfect union between a broken heart and cowboy twang. Tyler Dozier's songs as Lady Dan tap even deeper into that sublime intersection where searing pain can reach sublime heights. Her own tale of hurt comes complete with multilayered existential quandaries, of empowerment and restriction, of life and death, of faith and its absence. On her debut album I Am the Prophet, the Austin-based musician weaves intensely personal storytelling, poetic imagery, biblical allusion, immaculate arrangements, and crackling songwriting into an irresistible melancholic melange. "Dozier's vocal morphs from hushed, spoken word to bounding bursts of visceral angst. This is intensely personal songwriting, and every passing lyric reveals another layer in Dozier's narration, as they empathetically coax us into her world." The Line Of Best Fit 

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