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Born in New York City, 21 year old Maya Hawke is an actress, singer and lyricist. Following the release of her independently released A and B side singles in 2019, Hawke returns with a deeply personal full-length album. Hawke, who wrote the lyrics, continued her collaboration with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jesse Harris, who wrote the music for the album.

On creating the album, Hawke says, “This album happened accidentally… Jesse and I started working together accidentally... we kept writing, kept collecting songs because it brought joy into both of our lives. Collecting them into an album and releasing it comes from a crazy, if not pathological desire to share that joy with others. From my point of view, ‘Blush’ is a collection of secret messages, hidden communications with the people in my life. ‘By Myself’ was a secret message to myself, that I hope I’ll receive someday soon.”

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