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HARTFORD, JOHN / MORNING BUGLE (Remixed, Remastered, Expanded)(RSD) LP

HARTFORD, JOHN / MORNING BUGLE (Remixed, Remastered, Expanded)(RSD) LP

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The two albums multi-instrumentalist/songwriter John Hartford cut for Warner Bros. in the early ‘70s, Aereo-Plain and Morning Bugle, shook the bluegrass genre to the core, adding a modern, irreverent sensibility and fresh repertoire to the tradition-bound style. We have already (twice) reissued Aereo-Plain on LP, but we waited on Morning Bugle because we had something special up our sleeve—namely, the original session tapes! Which means that not only are you getting (with the full consent of the Hartford estate) a new remix and remaster of the original album—which even Hartford devotees admit never sounded that good on the production side of things—but an entire disc of unreleased tracks! Hartford scholar Skip Heller supplies liner notes to this monumental find on the enclosed insert. This 2-LP Expanded Edition comes on forest green vinyl, limited to 1500 copies worldwide, exclusive to Record Store Day 2024!

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