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GEZAN <BR><I> 狂 (KLUE) (IMPORT) [Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl] LP</I>

狂 (KLUE) (IMPORT) [Indie Exclusive Red Vinyl] LP

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Indie Exclusive Clear Red color vinyl

Import LP pressed in Japan

In 2020, in Tokyo, a city that continues to loop between demolition and reconstruction, this is the rebel music that should be also called as the 2020 version of Pink Floyd's tribal insanity, all created at 100 BPM, under the theme of people who keep taking dance steps forever. The cover photo of the album features a 'Hyottoko Dance' by Ai Iwane, who is winner of the 2019 Kimura Ihei Photography Award. Recording & Mixing engineer is Mr. Naoyuki Uchida who is the master of DUB. He is now live engineer of Gezan. This is the fifth full album of the mutant band 'Gezan', recorded at Red Bull Studios Tokyo, It was also ranked first in the Japanese rock category in 2020 by 'Music Magazine', a popular music magazine in Japan. The band is firmly established in the history of Japanese music. This is a masterpiece that will represent Japan in 2020, as introduced on 'The Glow,' a website that introduces high-quality Japanese music to the world.

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