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BLOOMIN' [Orange Vinyl] LP

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LP pressed on 180 gram Orange Color Vinyl

Rock juggernaut Futurebirds' newest LP, Bloomin', is a benchmark that celebrates the band's 13 years together.

The Athens, Georgia-based group tapped storied My Morning Jacket guitarist/producer Carl Broemel to create a seamless, bountiful partnership that initially came to fruition with the 2021 EP, Bloomin', and was followed by 2022's Bloomin' Too EP. Here, the Bloomin' LP combines tracks from both EPs into a cohesive full-length vinyl release.

The album ricochets from cosmic space, rock to rough around the edges, alt-country dreamscapes, sandy beach bum odes to kick-in-your-step pop ballads — all signature tones and musical avenues at the core of the 'Birds' wide musical palette."Carl is extremely perceptive and an all-around smart dude," says Futurebirds' Carter King. "He's really in tune with what the band is and what it strives to be. He's engaged and understands our vision ... With his cool guidance, everyone found their space in these songs pretty easily. We fell right in."

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