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BIRD AMBIENCE [Limited Clear Vinyl] 2LP

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Limited Edition Clear Color Vinyl

Japanese vibraphonist, multi- percussionist and composer Masayoshi Fujita marks a new sonic direction with his forthcoming album Bird Ambience on Erased Tapes.

Arranged with a perfect Kanso-like balance, the unhurried pace of Bird Ambience allows each sound and phrase enough time to be mindfully absorbed and savoured. This subtle, but affective work carries ethereal remnants of Midori Takada’s minimalism, the static atmospheres of Mika Vainio, To Rococo Rot’s organics and the bucolic electronics of Minotaur Shock. Yet Fujita vaporises contemporary and classical, ambient and dismantled dub, controlled noise and fragments of jazz into an atmospheric, static mist, then skilfully coercing them into new musical forms that shape an entire sonic alphabet of its own.

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