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FILTHY FRIENDS <BR><I> EMERALD VALLEY [Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl] LP</I>

EMERALD VALLEY [Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl] LP

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Limited Edition Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl.

Filthy Friends is the scorchingly melodic rock group whose membership consists of some of the most original musical voices of the past three decades. Band members include Sleater-Kinney co-founder Corin Tucker, R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck and indie stalwarts Scott McCaughey and Kurt Bloch. Now, with their follow-up— Emerald Valley ,the Friends have proven their collective mettle, crafting a thematic suite of songs that finds the quintet digging deeper into their bag of musical tricks and giving Tucker room to rage about and mourn the fate of our planet and the people who inhabit it. The core idea came from a demo Buck shared with Tucker for a grinding blues song that eventually turned into this new album’s title track. The minute she heard it, Tucker says, it sparked something within her: “I had this long poem growing in my head,” she says. “It turned into a sort of manifesto about the kind of place we are at as a country but also as a region. Just taking stock of where we’re at and feeling like I can’t believe we let things get this bad.”

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