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Grammy Award-winning artist Zac Brown re-released The Controversy, his first-ever solo album featuring his signature dynamic artistic range coupled with new pop-leaning melodies. Brown collaborated with a number of producers and writers across the industry to create the album, including Sasha Sirota, Jason 'Poo Bear' Boyd, Shroom, Benny Blanco, Max Martin and others, further exploring genre-bending sounds and showing fans his ever-widening musical sensibilities. Collaborators on "Time" include Skrillex and Jason 'Poo Bear' Boyd, and Benny Blanco and Andrew Watt produced the toe-tapping, catchy "Spend It All On You.""Lion's Den," which Brown describes as theatrical and cinematic, was produced by Brown and Shroom, and features many of Brown's longtime bandmates on the track. The majority of The Controversy was recorded at Southern Ground Nashville recording studio. "This album is an outlet for me to explore pop music, a broad category in its own right, without expectations and to be creative musically in other ways. I love my band and the music we create. We are all lucky enough to pursue our own projects in addition to our work as a group, and you'll hear a lot of the guys on these tracks. To create The Controversy, not only was I able to work with some incredible new collaborators, but I also love being able to share different sounds - regardless of label or genre – with my fans," said Zac Brown. Brown created The Controversy to celebrate musical diversity, challenge audiences who expect only one type of sound from an artist and explore a new genre of music without creative boundaries. Zac and Zac Brown Band, who released The Owl in September 2019, will continue to create and publish music together as a group.

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