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BORIS <br><i> ABSOLUTEGO [Indie Exclusive "Blood Moon" Red Vinyl] LP</I>

ABSOLUTEGO [Indie Exclusive "Blood Moon" Red Vinyl] LP

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Indie Exclusive "Blood Moon" Red Vinyl

Originally released in 1996, Boris’s 60-minute 13-second debut “single” Absolutego see's an officially remastered reissue out in November from Third Man Records. This reissue will include the original album art and full “one long song” spread across one and a half LPs, with 1997 recording “Dronevil 2” filling out side D of the second LP, all fitting in a neatly packaged single-pocket LP jacket pressed at Third Man Pressing.

Absolutego is a trek over a staggering mountain of sound. The tension builds with wave after wave of massive feedback, drums leading into a crushing crescendo of full-band repetition and clarity before descending deeper until finally reaching a surreal divebomb purring drone finale. This song takes notes out of the Melvins playbook and pushes the sound to its absolute logical and visceral extreme. It sets a solid foundation for why Boris is considered to be one of the most important metal bands of the 21st century.

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