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CHRONICLES OF A DIAMOND (Midnight Edition) [Splatter Vinyl] LP

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MIDNIGHT Edition pressed on Splatter Color Vinly LP. House in Alternate "Diamond Stamped" Cover
** Includes Bonus Splitmat(while supplies last)

Black Pumas - Chronicles Of A Diamond / As they set to work on their highly awaited sophomore album, Black Pumas broadened their palette to include a dazzling expanse of musical forms: heavenly hybrids of soul and symphonic pop, mind-bending excursions into jazz-funk and psychedelia, and starry-eyed love songs that feel dropped from the cosmos. The debut was nominated for seven Grammys and reached one million album equivalents. Chronicles Of A Diamond arrives as the fullest expression yet of their frenetic creativity and limitless vision. LP Packaging: Clear LP with poster and download card included.

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