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I DON'T KNOW [Indie Exclusive Black & White Marble Vinyl] LP

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Limited Indie Exclusive Black & White Marbled Vintk LP

While the world became socially distanced in 2020, Hull’s post-shoegaze, dream pop, heavy guitar effects quartet bdrmm made the kind of impact with their debut album any young band would dream about. Bedroom awarded a five solid stars review and called nothing less than “a modern day shoe gaze classic" by the UK's NME. Now signed to Mogwai's Rock Action Records, the band return with I Don't Know, complete with their trademark effects-laden guitars and motorik Neu! grooves but now with added piano, strings, electronica, sampling and the occasional dance beat. Bdrmm fans will not be disappointed and the fans of Radiohead, Ride, Mogwai, The Cure that are yet to discover bdrmm would do well by blessing their ears with "I Don't Know"

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