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Limited Edition Green "Chlorophyll Blood" Color Vinyl

As head of Publicity at Hemisphere Pictures and then founder of Independent-International Pictures Corp., Sam Sherman is truly one of the godfathers of the drive-in/grindhouse/horror/B-movie genre. We at Real Gone Music have teamed with Sam to release his favorite scores from his long and illustrious career in film production, each sporting rare publicity stills and a personal note from the man himself. Filipino composer Tito Arevalo's score to the 1969 film Mad Doctor of Blood Island was so good that it was used twice more, once in Beast of Blood, the 1970 finale to Hemisphere Pictures' Blood Island franchise, and again in Brain of Blood, which producer Sherman made with director Al Adamson in 1971! But this was the original and the best, utilizing a full orchestra to inspired effect, particularly on the 'Dance' sequences, which virtually invent the genre 'horror exotica.' Not only have we added as a bonus the truly unhinged radio spot that advertised Mad Doctor of Blood Island, but also the record closes with the 'Oath of Green Blood Intro' to the film, which advised audiences to drink the green 'blood' potion that was distributed as a gimmick before screenings of the movie. Also includes an LP-sized insert featuring the lurid front cover illustration pressed in green 'Chlorophyll Blood' vinyl limited to 1000 copies!

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