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ANAL TRUMP <br><I> THE FIRST 100 SONGS [Drain the Swamp Green Vinyl] LP</I>

THE FIRST 100 SONGS [Drain the Swamp Green Vinyl] LP

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The true identities of Rob and Travis Trump remain shrouded in mystery. Whatever the origin of these mystery men, they found only one way to deal with the insanity happening in the political world: they became Anal Trump. Anal Trump come from a rich tradition of politically-motivated extreme music. Grindcore’s origins date back to Margaret Thatcher’s Britain, when a collective of teenage anarcho-punks decided to call themselves Napalm Death and throw thrash metal and hardcore punk in a blender set to “loudest” and “fastest.” The First 100 Songs pays tribute to classic Anal Cunt (AxCx) album titles like The 110 Song CD and 5643 Song EP. Rob feels their appeal lies in that gray area. “They took hate so far beyond everything that all meaning seemed to invert at some point and back again so often that it became impossible to take seriously.” Whatever the intent, they succeeded in horrifying parents everywhere. Anal Trump have one distinct advantage over Seth Putnam’s trailblazing act: whereas Putnam and his collaborators had to come up with their own sleazy subject matter, Rob and Travis have a ready-made supply of parent-offending quotes straight from the Oval Office.
Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rob Trump, The First 100 Songs boasts a hundred songs in eleven minutes -- their entire recorded output to date. Rob and Travis Trump aren’t going to fill your ears with talk of universal healthcare or equal voting rights or any of that socialist stuff -- although they donated 100% of the proceeds from their EPs to non-profit organizations like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. They just want to point out that the most powerful man in the world is a hate-mongering clown, using shrieks and micro-riffs as their chosen vehicle.

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