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MOMMY [Indie Exclusive Green Vinyl] LP

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Limited Edition "Living Dead" Indie Green Vinyl

2023 finds Be Your Own Pet not only back with a new album, but stronger than ever before. MOMMY bolsters the group’s patented garage punk ferocity with matured and unswerving songwriting and a fervor to claim their space and define their own future.

Be Your Own Pet are looking forward to sharing this new version of themselves with fans who are thrilled to reconnect and new fans who may not have been old enough to remember their first run. But the band are also longing to reconnect with each other and a part of themselves. “Mommy is the bitch in charge, the one in control,” Pearl says. “It’s a reclamation of myself.”

With that sheer willpower behind them, the quartet are ready to step back out into the wild, vicious Be Your Own Pet world and rough things up again – but this time, on their own terms.

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