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SPECTRUM <BR><I> GERAçãO BENDITA (Brazilian Psych Rock) LP</I>

GERAçãO BENDITA (Brazilian Psych Rock) LP

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An extremely rare Brazilian psych album, this reissue is a welcome one for those who don't want to spend collector prices. In 1971 a group of musicians and moviemakers in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, decided to make the country's first "hippie movie". The soundtrack was credited to Spectrum, featuring ex-members of 2000 Volts, together with other people appearing in the movie, whose title Geracao Bendita translates to "Blessed Generation". As an amalgam of "peace & love" harmonies, fuzz guitar, and period psych recording techniques, this album is undeniably great. "Quiabos" and "Trilha Antiga" sport some killer fuzz guitar leads reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane's best, all intensity and spring reverb cutting through the air. - Mason Jones, Dusted

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