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THE OH HELLOS (Ten Year Anniversary) EP

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On the 10th anniversary of their eponymous debut release, The Oh Hellos put forth a limited-edition, vinyl-only reissue of The Oh Hellos EP. The package has been thoughtfully produced to celebrate the occasion, including new album art, embossed cover, 180g etched vinyl, hand-written lyrics, and individual numbering. The album also includes a new, stripped-down acoustic version of “Hello My Old Heart” as a bonus track.

Surrounded by the warmth of a crackling fireplace, The Oh Hellos invite you in for an intimate performance of their signature song. "Listening to this EP is like time traveling, for us. Suddenly we’re back in the house we grew up in, all the furniture shoved up against the walls of an old bedroom so the guitars and drum set would fit. As we planned this ten-year anniversary vinyl release, we wanted to revisit the song that effectively started our career, but we knew that we couldn’t just sing it the same way ten years later and still feel honest. A lot of growth and change can happen in ten years, so the performance needed to change, too. New chords, new harmonies, a pared down arrangement, and fond recollections of all the times you sang along with us on the road have made Hello My Old Heart feel new to us for the first time in a decade. We hope it brings back some good memories for you, the way it has for us."

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