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O'BRIEN, TIM <BR><I> CUP OF SUGAR [Limited Edition] LP</I>

CUP OF SUGAR [Limited Edition] LP

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Grammy award winning Americana artist Tim O'Brien is back with 13 new originals about a bear, a fish, lambs, horses, and some people too - a grave digger, a neighbor, and even Walter Cronkite - Cup of Sugar" is a feel-good summer release with humor on top and deeper meanings just below the surface.

Mullti-instrumentalist O'Brien is backed by his loyal band mates Mike Bub, Shad Cobb and wife Jan Fabricius, supplemented by Jamie Dick on drums, Mike Rojas on keyboards, Russ Pahl on steel guitar, and Cory Walker on banjo. Bluegrass icon Del McCoury lends his signature guitar and tenor vocal on "Let the Horses Run". Co-writers include Ronnie Bowman, Jonathon Byrd, Shawn Camp, Jan Fabricius, and Thomm Jutz. Sounding more and more like himself.

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