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EXORCIST II: THE HERTIC [Limited Fluorescent Green Vinyl] LP

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Limited Edition Fluorescent Green vinyl

1977 Original soundtrack LP for the horror sequel - music composed by Ennio Morricone. In one of his first forays into big-budget Hollywood, Ennio Morricone handed in one of his weirdest, eeriest scores - Rolling Stone (top 35 greatest horror soundtracks). From the beautiful to the absolutely demented, while still playing in the same sandbox. Once you get to the deranged Satanic prog-rock of "Magic And Ecstasy," it hits you: this is the craziest we've ever heard Morricone. And it's amazing.

"I like the first Exorcist, because of the Catholic guilt I have, and because it scared the hell out of me; but The Heretic surpasses it." - Martin Scorsese

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