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LAMONTAGNE, RAY <br><i> OUROBOROS [Red Vinyl] LP</i>


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Limited Edition (1500 copies) red marble vinyl.

A lot happened when Ray LaMontagne joined My Morning Jacket's mastermind frontman Jim James at La La Land studio in Louisville, Ky. "It was probably the best experience I've had in the studio, ever," LaMontagne says of collaborating with his longtime friend. "It was such a generous, kind, creative, playful atmosphere." Those sessions resulted in the eight sprawling meditations that will make up the rocker's still-untitled new album. Says LaMontagne: "It was about creating a record that I'd want to listen to if I were in the record store discovering albums. I don't write singles. I don't write pop songs. I never have. I'm not that kind of songwriter, and I don't aspire to be. I let whatever creative force just tell me what to do." Sonically, it's another departure for the artist who has dipped into country, psych-rock, and traditional singer-songwriter fare throughout his career. This set sees him lean furthering into space-rock, with echo and reverb.

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