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WHAT ANOTHER MAN SPILLS [Indie Exclusive Yellow & White Vinyl] 2LP

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Limited Edition Milky White & Yellow swirl Peak Vinyl

Remastered from the original DAT, this reissue of the Lambchop classic—which celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018—marks the album’s first appearance on vinyl in North America.

What Another Man Spills (1998) sits at a crossroads between the band that Lambchop first emerged as, and the band that they would later become. In fact, what might first seem an anomaly in their catalogue, a deviation from a previously familiar path, instead becomes a beacon lighting the way forward. It is, one might say, both ugly duckling and beautiful swan all at once. Today, too, it continues to stand as a vibrant, satisfying snapshot of a band at a pivotal moment in their lengthy career. Soon Lambchop would almost entirely leave their formative aesthetic behind to embark on a journey that would reach so many people it would ultimately help transform Nashville’s image as culturally moribund and reactionary. But what and who Lambchop were, and what and who they are, never really changes, despite their gradual evolution. They are, and always will be, Lambchop, and they could never have been that without What Another Man Spills.

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