JAYHAWKS<br><i> XOXO [Indie Exclusive White Vinyl + CD] LP</I>

XOXO [Indie Exclusive White Vinyl + CD] LP

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Indie Exclusive White Color Vinyl, includes a CD in a plastic slip sleeve with the 12 LP tracks + 3 bonus tracks.NOTE: only the first pressing of the LP will include the CD.

The 11th Jayhawks studio album XOXO released on July 10, 2020. Recorded in late 2019 at Pachyderm and Flowers Studios in Minnesota, XOXO represents a bold step forward. For the first time, all four members contribute writing and lead vocal duties. XOXO is the most diverse and wide-ranging in the group’s storied history. Rather than marking a sonic departure, though, the collection signals a sharpening of focus for the band, an elevation in understanding of who they are and what they do best. In classic Jayhawks fashion, the songs here mix the influence of American roots music with British invasion and jangly power-pop, but there’s a newfound vitality at play, as well, an invigoration of confidence and energy that could only come with the injection of fresh blood. The result is an album that, much like the band’s lush harmonies, brings multiple distinctive voices together into a singular whole, a collection that, ironically enough, finds unity in individuality and identity in reinvention.

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