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IVY - Apartment Life Demos LP

IVY - Apartment Life Demos LP

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By the time Ivy’s second album, Apartment Life, was released in 1997 Andy Chase, Dominique Durand and Adam Schlesinger had already established themselves as familiar faces on the indie scene. They had already toured the country opening for Edwin Collins and Lloyd Cole and bassist Adam Schlesinger was enjoying success with his side project, Fountains of Wayne. Here’s Apartment Life like you’ve never heard it before. The band’s studio demos for each song with all of the sneezes and giggles preserved.

The Best Thing (Demo)
I've Got a Feeling (Demo)
This Is The Day (Demo)
Never Do That Again (Demo)
I Get The Message (Demo)
Baker (Demo)
You Don't Know Anything (Demo)
Ba Ba Ba (Demo)
Get Out Of The City (Demo)
These Are The Things About You (Demo)
Quick Painless And Easy (Demo)
Back In Our Town (Demo)
Sleeping Late (Bonus Track) (Demo)

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