DEVOTION [Sandstone Color] LP

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**Bonus Cover signed by Margaret Glaspy**

Limited Edition Sandstone Colored Vinyl, includes digital download.

Margaret Glaspy is returning with her highly anticipated new album Devotion. Devotion is Glaspy's first full-length since her acclaimed debut 2016 Emotions and Math and marks an entirely new sonic chapter for her. Glaspy has built a reputation as a skilled guitarist, and Emotions and Math was notable for its swaggering electric guitar sounds; on Devotion she shifted gears and built songs with synths as their base. The results - co-produced with Los Angeles' Tyler Chester - are rich, sweeping, and melodic, a fittingly enchanting sound for a collection of 12 love songs. "It's about letting love in even when you don't know what will happen when you do," says Glaspy. "It's about devoting your heart to someone or something, against all odds."

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