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FOGHAT<BR><i>FOOL FOR THE CITY (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab) LP</I>

FOOL FOR THE CITY (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab) LP

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MOFI Limited/Numbered 180G Vinyl.

Sourced from the original master tapes by trusty engineers that were just stunned at the amount of new detail they were able to pull from the tape reels, Mobile Fidelity's remaster of this Foghat gem bring to the surface the band's marble-solid sturdiness and bluesy structures like never before. Bass notes are thicker and richer, the dual guitars bite and snap, and Lonesome Dave Peverett's singing comes across with realistic grit. By comparison, all previous pressings of this album sound flat, uninspired, and boxy--the absolute opposite of the energy Foghat brings to the boogie-infused title track, great cover of the Righteous Brothers' "My Babe," and, of course, the everlasting "Slow Ride," a staple of the Guitar Hero video game franchise and gentlemen's clubs everywhere.

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