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ENO, BRIAN · HYDE <br><I> SOMEDAY WORLD (Special Edition w/ Exclusive Art Print) 2LP</I>

SOMEDAY WORLD (Special Edition w/ Exclusive Art Print) 2LP

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Special Edition Gatefold 2LP. Includes download code and exclusive art print, limited to 750 copies.

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde (of Underworld) come together with a new album released on Warp Records. This is the first vocal/band project from Eno since 2008's David Byrne collaboration. Someday World comprises nine songs, composed and sung by Eno & Hyde together with a highly distinguished cast of supporting musicians, including Eno'sRoxy Music bandmate Andy Mackay, Tessa Angus, Nell Catchpole, Marianna Champion, Will Champion, Kasia Daszykowska, Don E., Darla Eno, Georgia Gibson, John Reynolds and Chris Vatalaro. Following his 2013 Grammy nominated album LUX, Brian Eno produced this new album with 20 year old Fred Gibson, and continues an ongoing collaboration between Hyde & Eno which sees the two together on a complete album for the first time. I had a big collection of 'beginnings' sitting around waiting for something to galvanise them into life, to make them more than just 'experiments'. That something turned out to be Karl Hyde. -Brian Eno

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