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THE DREAM BELONGS TO ME [Greenish/Gold Vinyl] 2LP

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Limited Edition (1000) Double Greensih/Gold Vinyl.

Of all the singer-songwriters to emerge from the ‘60s, Tim Buckley was the most difficult to pigeonhole. Was his music folk? Rock? Jazz? Even R&B? The answer was, of course, that it was all of those things. Add to that an impossible-to-pin-down persona, and a lyrical bent that swung wildly from the poetic to the profane, and one can understand why Buckley continues to fascinate today, some 45 years after his passing. Indeed, it takes all four sides of this 2-LP set to capture the many facets of Tim Buckley on display here; the first six tracks were recorded in New York and Hollywood in March and June of 1968, between the releases of Goodbye and Hello and Happy Sad, while the remaining eight tracks are from a Sefronia demo session recorded February 12, 1973. The Dream Belongs to Me features some of Buckley's most cherished songs (“Song to the Siren,” “Buzzin' Fly”), some of his most unappreciated (“Sefronia,” “Honey Man”), and others that until this release were completely unknown (“The Dream Belongs to Me,” “Falling Timber”). Offering a preview of songs that later surfaced on such fantastically progressive albums as Happy Sad, Blue Afternoon, and Starsailor as well as on his last two albums, Sefronia and Look at the Fool, The Dream Belongs to Me presents a fascinating peek into the artist's creative process, and it appears here for the first time on LP, in a limited greenish/gold vinyl pressing (complete with liner notes and rare photos of Buckley) limited to 1000 copies!

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