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AMOK KOMA [Black Vinyl] LP

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Abwärts may not be a name you recognize, but it's a name that holds with it a certain musical integrity that only comes around when creative tread has been worn down after decades. Abwärts, which translates to "Downwards" in German, is the name of a West German post-punk band that formed in 1979, just as the post-punk movement was gaining ground.

Amok Koma was the sound of post-WWII Germany. It was the Cold War fears, Berlin Wall-isolationism, and fear-mongering being torn down and crushed with a frantic backbeat and experimental glee. The band got little to no help in the promotion department and it was nearly impossible to get a record deal, so Abwärts went full DIY and handled the recording, production, cover, distribution and concert booking. Quite successfully, one might add. Less than a year later, in 1982, the band released their sophomore record Der Westen ist Einsam (The West Is Lonely) on Phonogram Records (a subsidiary of Mercury Records.)

Neat Neat Neat Records will be reissuing Abwärts' Amok Koma for the first time ever in the U.S. 750 copies will be available on black vinyl, with all new cover art by Guided By Voices mastermind, Robert Pollard.
Neat Neat Neat Records will also be including a faithful reproduction of the original 16 page booklet that came with the original German pressing, along with an additional page that will have translated lyrics and a letter from Frank Zeigert talking about the history of the record and the reissue.

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